Managed Blogging

Managed Blog

Blogging As A Marketing Tool

In this age of fierce competition, content is the one thing you can rely on to keep your business ahead of the rest. Without good content to support your marketing efforts, acquiring new leads and customers becomes next to impossible. Our Managed Blog service is an effective platform for connecting with your target audience. It increases your business’s online presence and visibility. Our Managed Blog can also make search engines recognize your business as an expert in your field, which makes gaining people’s trust, increasing traffic to your site, and generating more leads much more achievable goals.

Why Blog

Boost Your Marketing Efforts
With Relevant Quality Content

Engage existing and perspective customers
in a way not possible through any other form of marketing.

Jumpstart Your Search Engine Optimization

All of the major search engines love fresh, relevant content and blogging is one of the most straightforward and inexpensive methods to bring leads to your website.

Develop And Strengthen Relationships With Existing And New Customers

Blogging provides the opportunity for you to connect with your target audience. It is a good way to build trust and build your brand.

Establish Your Business As An Industry Leader

Posting helpful and informative content on a regular basis can make you the "go to" resource in your particular niche, which will subsequently lead to higher conversion rates.

Create Opportunities For Referral Marketing

Blogging creates content that your target audience can share on social media. This creates the potential for viral traffic and exponential market growth.
Why Us

We Make Blogging Convenient and Cost Effective.

Our managed blog service will give you everything you need to run a success blog at a lower cost than an in-house team and frees up your time to focus on other areas of your business.

Integrated SEO

Our blog service comes with the best SEO techniques included - onpage SEO, keyword optimization, link building and more.

Everything Is Included

Our managed blog services handles everything from design, strategy, writers, publishing. You sit back and watch your blog grow.

Goal-Checked Reports

With monthly reports, you are always in informed on how the blog is contributing to your business growth and your bottomline.

Flat Monthly Fee

No unpredictable expenses and fee. You pay a flat preset monthly fee and we'll handle everything for you.
Who We Serve

Is Web ROI Agency the right choice for your business?

Web ROI Agency’s mission is to provide high-return solutions to the marketing and sales problems small and medium-sized B2C businesses experience. If you are looking for a partner that will give your business personal attention typical of smaller agencies yet providing you with resources of a big agency, look no further. If you don’t have the time or experienced staff to manage strategy and execution of your marketing and sales efforts, you got us. If you don’t have a Fortune 500 budget but yet you still want to get actual results out of your website and marketing, Web ROI Agency was built for you.

Managed Blog Packages

Website Management + Content + SEO
$489 / Mon
    Ideal for businesses looking to get started with blogging to maximize website traffic and qualified leads.
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$795 / Mon
    Ideal for businesses looking to take blogging to the next level with both onsite and offsite SEO techniques.
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$1,995 / Mon
    Ideal for businesses looking to maximize brand content exposure focussing on advanced techniques such as link building and earned media.
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Find out how
the fastest growing brands
strentghening their brands using

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We'll get back to you to schedule a call within 1 business day, or sooner.

On our call we'll discuss your business goals, what's working for you today and what's holding you back.

We'll share with you our best advice on how to achieve your goals whether we're the right fit for you or not.

If we're not a fit for you, no worries, we part ways as new friends and we promise to never pester you as your and our time is precious.

Let's talk about how our Managed Blog service can help people who need your services find you easier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What control do I have over my content?

Our staff will post articles as drafts for your review on your site before going live. 

What if I want more articles per month?

For anything above what our packages offer, we customize a package for you. Please be advised that custom packages will incur fees higher than our package fees.

How long will the articles be?

We generally recommend around 800 – 1,000 words for blog content, but ultimately you decide. Anything over 1,000 words may come with additional costs.

Do I get to approve content before it is posted?

Yes, all articles are submitted to you for review before they are published. 

How much control do I have over article topics?

As much as you want! Our writers love getting tons of information and reference material from you, but if you prefer a more hands-off approach, you can have our team suggest topics relevant to your industry.

Why do you have a 3-month commitment?

Writing quality content uses considerable resources, and we want to make sure we have planned ahead and have enough team members on hand to avoid delays in producing your customized content.

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