Case Study

How we helped a CPA build his firm from the ground to over 1,200 sales qualified leads a month within just 120 days.


As the eyes are the window to the soul, the website is the window to the value proposition. The website itself doesn’t create the value proposition, rather it helps the potential clients understand the value of your product or service.

Such was the case for the Certified Public Accountant, Julian Tolliver. His passion for his service radiated through the phone when we talked. But his template website just wasn’t effectively communicating that value.

He got in touch with us and in less than 35 days, we gave him not only a redesigned world-class website but a whole new-crafted brand that is attracting hundreds of leads every month.


Julian Tolliver

Industry / Sector

Finance / Accounting


Web Development


Graphics Design




The Client:

A CPA looking to relaunch his firm

Julian Tolliver is a certified public accountant with experience spanning over 10 years in private and public sectors. Julian had started his own CPA firm and was mainly getting clients through word of mouth referrals from his network. Not only was he looking to attract more clients, but he also wanted to attract high value clients.

The Challenge

Stand out in a crowded and competitive space.

Julian’s old template website was only bringing a tiny amount of direct traffic from word of mouth. The website was also not converting leads into the sales funnel. This was a result of the website not communicating the firm's unique value proposition effectively. We had to find ways to solve these problems. Given the firm's not so brand-able name and extreme competition both locally and nationally, we knew that it would be difficult to deliver on client's goals.

Very Competitive Space

Crowded Branding Space

A Complete Brand Overhaul


Tie together user experience, brand message and sales.

Our general philosophy is that successful marketing is built on effective branding. Especially for financial and accounting services, potential clients need to immediately identify your brand with competence, trustworthiness and reliability. Realizing the lack of branding opportunities with the client's old firm, we convinced Julian of the need to rebrand and relaunch his firm.

We also believe that websites should measurably drive sales and deeper engagement. Therefore, our focus was to bring in seamless experience to users through design and performance while building entry channels into the sales funnel through clear value proposition.

The 6 Steps To Success


Agile Approach For Flexibility

Collaboration with client at every step and adapting to insights at optimization stage was crucial to our approach.

01. Discovery

understand client goals and the target market

First, we had to understand Julian's vision and values for his firm. Secondly, now that the objective was no longer just rebuilding a website, but to develop a new strong brand that commands trust and drive growth, understanding the target market was now even more crucial.

Market Research

What do small businesses want from accountants?

We needed to understand the current state of the accounting services market in order to determine where there are opportunities to attract more clients, leapfrog competitors, and achieve company growth through branding and marketing.

Industries Surveyed

02. Branding

Visual & Message

Create a brand that communicates "professionalism, trustworthiness, dependability, yet modern, youthful and fun”

Logo | Stationery



03. Prototyping

build out a clean user-friendly interface

Our approach was to combine a smooth exploration experience with enhanced brand storytelling to highlight clear conversion paths to drive leads into the sales funnel.

04. Copywriting

communicate a unique value proposition clearly

Our copywriters worked to create a unique message that connect with the potential clients and clearly spell out the firm's value proposition in alignment with the brand's identity, and voice

05. On-Page SEO

All page copy was optimized for search engine visibility

Keyword research played a fundamental role in determining and implementing strategic keywords. Also, we performed technical optimization of each page on the website.

06. Conversion Optimization

build conversion paths to drive leads into the sales funnel

The most important function of a service brand website is to initiate the process of turning visitors into customers. With that in mind, we designed and integrated the firm's website as the entry point into the much bigger sales ecosystem. Making sure that it performs this function optimally was the focus at this stage.

Hit a home run


Exceeded Client's Expectations

The new valor CPAs website is a strong digital asset, driving leads and conversions through intuitive navigation. The strengthened user experience achieves its important goal: clearly explain the value that Valor CPAs bring for the potential client. The built-in conversion channels frictionlessly drive leads into the firm's sales ecosystem (funnel).


As a result of a well-defined and built-out brand, Valor CPAs now attracts high value clients that would otherwise seek out perceptively bigger firms for the same level and quality of service.

Attracts high value clients

Commands higher fees

Elevated site-wide brand storytelling provides additional trust and credibility for client's growing brand.

Clear value proposition

By understanding the target audience, we were able to craft a brand message that addresses their pain points and position the client's firm as an answer to their frustrations and expectations.

Increased form conversion on landing pages (24%)

Increased overall enquiries from service description pages

Increased search visibility

Our initial and continued work in search engine optimization and SEO-optimized content is clearly beginning to take effect and rapidly gaining ground.

Increased Appearance in search results (78%)

More people are clicking through to website (16%)

Increasing Average position in search results (18.3)%

Seamless user experience

Improved overall site architecture and navigation to enabled easier browsing and a more frictionless experience for user.

Highly available website (100% uptime)

Fast website (97% PageSpeed Score, 0.6s Load time)

Responsive and optimized for all devices

Increased User Engagement

More people are visiting the site (3.6k %)

More people browse more than one page (86% decrease in bounce rate)

More People spend more time on the site (4 min / session)

Increased Marketing Conversion

Due to the strong foundation we built for Valor CPAs in terms of branding, copywriting, market research; we are now able to build out extremely relevant, precisely targeted paid marketing campaigns that perform at above average every time.

More people are clicking on client Ads (3.2%)

Cost of ads are relatively cheap ($0.59 per click)

More visitors leave their contact information (24%)


There is one is principle guiding us here at WEB ROI AGENCY and that is there is an undeniable correlation between design, marketing, and conversion. And this project proves exactly just that. Because of our groundwork in understanding Julian’s needs and the accounting service market, we were able to create a brand that resonates with the known target audience and develop highly converting marketing program, a website that not only looks great but also drives growth for Valor CPAs.

Client Experience

Working with Web ROI Agency was something new for us as we haven’t had much experience using a marketing company. Since we were working on a rebrand and relaunch of our firm, we came across Brian who has been great from the beginning. He took the basic ideas that we outlined for him and knocked it out of the park. a 5/5 all around on delivery and aiding us in our new marketing strategies."

Julian Tolliver

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