Accelerate Growth For Your CPA Firm With A Proven Sales Funnel

Your firm is as unique as the clients you serve. Your goals, specialties, and location all factor into determining the right online marketing strategy. So why settle for anything other a marketing blueprint customized just for your firm?

There is an increasing demand for accounting professionals.

According to a research we recently completed, demand for accounting and financial advisory is rising sharply as the economy slowly hums to life and small to medium businesses are looking for professional accounting help to plan and manage their money more efficiently.

Accounting Services Clients

Some accounting firms are adding 2, 5 or even more clients a month paying $1,000 – $7,500 every month for accounting and advisory services while in an economic downturn.

Those business-savvy accounting professionals are seizing the opportunity and growing their firms. How are they doing it? Optimized Marketing! How do we know? We developed some of the most successful marketing strategies for some of those firms!

Marketing Blueprint

The Impact of Coronavirus on The Economy Is Going To Get Worse And Will Continue To Wreak Havoc On Small Businesses.

Many economists, including those at Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg, Morgan Stanley, believe that now it's now just a matter of time when for the U.S economy to slump into a full recession. And many small business will be wiped out.

Bloomberg Recession Tracker

53% Chance of a recession in 12 months

Bloomberg, March 10, 2020

A record 6.6 million applied for unemployment in U.S. last week

Washington Post, April 2, 2020

Economists Predicted A recession even before Coronavirus.

Many economists, including those at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, believe that this pandemic will be a catalyst for an overdue recession in the United States.

You Could Let Coronavirus wipe out your business. Or You could turn into an opportunity.

The crucial difference between your firm landing in the recovery room or the morgue will be whether you act now to prepare to take advantage of the opportunity or not.

"The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails."

William Arthur Ward

Double Down On Marketing

Whatever you do, never stop marketing! If you weren’t actively marketing before, you're going to need to start right away if you're going to weather the impending economic storm.

"But that sounds counter-intuitive. Shouldn’t I be cutting down costs?"

For many small businesses, an economic downturn may seem like the perfect time to cut down marketing costs, and many do, but such a decision would be detrimental in both the short and long-term.

Counter High Customer Attrition

You will need new customers to counter the higher customer attrition caused by the reduced spending power of your target consumers.

Avoid high costs of marketing

Marketing costs generally skyrocket as a result of marketing agencies and advertising media raising rates to cover their fixed costs in the absence of enough business.

offense is the best defense

You want to jumpstart your recovery now rather than later because the longer you wait, the more you would have to dig your firm out of a financial hole.

Marketing Optimization
For Your CPA Firm

In any economic slowdown, consumers spend differently. They look to get more value out of their purchases more than ever. For financial and accounting services, consumers are even more discerning in selecting service provider. For that reason, this is no time for “shooting in the dark” and hope to hit something. You need to refine, sharpen, and be precise with your marketing campaign. That’s exactly what WEB ROI AGENCY marketing optimization will do for your firm!

Increase efficiency in your processes

Web Development, Funnel Automation

We analyze and treat problem areas in your marketing and sales funnel lower operational costs.

build trust & increase referrals

Brand Development, Reputation Management

When people are searching for an accountant, they are much more discerning than with their usual consumer purchases. That is why it is extremely important for accountants to establish a trusted brand.

Look for opportunities to leapfrog your competitors

Market Research, Competitive Research

While many of your competitors are cutting down their marketing budgets in a panic, this is a perfect time to take market share from your rivals and put yourself in a position to accelerate through the recovery.

Enable More Potential Clients To Find You

Marketing: SEO, email newsletter, ads, social media

An optimal mix of channels and delivery strategies to expose your firm message in front of as many potential clients as possible without decimating your company cashflow.

Make The Most of Your Current Clients

Loyalty programs, upsell

Focus your offerings on value rather than pricing and adapt your marketing message to highlight that value especially for your biggest clients.

turn more website visitors into clients

conversion optimization, copywriting

You spend thousands of dollars getting visitors to your website, the worst you could do is not maximize on each visitor.


A Marketing Blueprint With A Roadmap To Counter The Effects of The Economic Slump And Grow Your Firm Now & Beyond

The Marketing Blueprint we develop for you will define the strategy to move forward, and addresses and identifies the elements that have the most impact on your marketing and branding planning through the economic slowdown. It brings clarity, organization, accuracy, and insight to enable your team to make the best decisions possible when planning marketing and  branding programs that will carry your firm the economic slump.

Research & Discovery

Conduct qualitative research in the context of Market Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Audience Analysis for strategic brand positioning.

Funnel Engineering

Implement systems that bring efficiency to your lead generation and lead nurturing processes and better experience into your sales and post-sales processes.


Set benchmarks for your marketing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help determine the level of success/failure of all future campaigns.


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How We Helped Julian Build His CPA Firm From The Ground To Over 1,200 Leads A Month Within Just 120 Days.

Julian came to us looking to rebrand his CPA firm. In about 120 days, we helped him build a strong brand, presence across digital platforms and grow his firm to 1,200+ leads per month.

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Accelerate Your Firm's Growth With A Proven Sales Funnel

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