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Peer To Peer vs Traditional Marketing

Consumer trust in traditional advertising forms has significantly dwindled to the point of backlash. Ad-blocking adoption grew 48% in 2015 alone. Studies show that 83% of consumers not only trust recommendations from people they know, and they’re just as likely to take action on those recommendations. As a result, peer to peer (influencer and social media) marketing driven by a digital landscape of curated consumption where consumers’ attention is both fragmented and self-selected has overtaken all other other marketing forms in recent years. On average, for every $1 spent on peer to peer marketing returns $6,50, and that eclipses all other forms of marketing by far.

How we maximize return on peer to peer marketing.

Not all influencers are created equal.

Influencer marketing is not just about signing up the most famous person to promote your brand. That in itself is not a marketing strategy. Optimal results are achieved when there is a balance between the different types of influencers. We use real time data to discover those people powering conversations about your brand or industry and engage them for different purposes they are best suited for. Some influencers are best for generating impressions, while others are best for engagement and others for conversion.

Partners are influencers too!

Just like the rest of influencers, not all brands are created equal. Some brands have bigger audiences and boast high brand loyalty than others. For that reason, partnering with other brands, especially those with products or services that complement yours can enhance your brand reach and engage audiences that your brand might have not been able to engage on its own. From Dr. Pepper's partnership with cosmetics company Bonne Bell to produce Lip Smackers in the 80s to more recent Beats By Dre and Apple; these are examples of brands with complementary products acting as influencers for one another.

This is why partnership marketing is at the core of our marketing strategy. Whether it's music partnerships or complementary brands partnership; it's part of our DNA.

Social media is indispensable.

Social media marketing is more than just tweeting, pinning, and gramming. Rather, it is an enduring reality of digital marketing. It’s about sharing and connecting with people. True success in social media marketing is determined by the ability to find the right signals at the right time to create new opportunities; by discovering trends before they become trends, and by sharing moments that inspire audiences. If you expect consumers to like, follow and engage; your owned channels need to be more than just a sales pitch. Your brand must develop a personality as it can no longer hide behind an address on your product label. With our data-centric approach, we help brands figure out the optimal mix of networks, messages, posting frequency, integration with other marketing channels, and how to make the most of the billions of people who are purportedly hanging out on social media.

Content is king!

As Bill Gates envisioned back in 1996,

Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.

See entire Bill Gates' essay here

There is no truth better than this. Having the right content is just as crucial as choosing the right influencers and channels for the success of peer to peer marketing. Brands must create a constant stream of content that is authentic, useful, engaging, and entertaining in order to effectively connect with their targeted audiences. While brands may be great at creating products and services, many are not inherently built to develop compelling content. On the other hand, effective content creation is the core of everything we do.

Marketing without data is like driving blind.

Marketing should not stop with analytics. Rather, that's the point where it should all begin. As they say, we follow the money data to find opportunities to push your brand. We benchmark and compare campaigns to find which ones resonate the most with your audiences, then amplify them during their optimum momentum. From targeting a specific set of audience to monitoring campaigns against competitors, our data collection and analytic tools help perfectly position your brand for success.

We take the guesswork out of peer to peer marketing and pinpoint the right people, conversations, and locations to instantly maximize your social marketing impact.


Content Discovery

Intuitive social media content listening, monitoring and curation.

  1. Geo Targeting - we run targeted, location-based marketing campaigns that attract attention without wasting marketing resources.
  2. Search for Social Media Assets - We find social media conversations, hashtags, keywords, and influencers that impact your brand.
  3. Monitor - your target audiences are talking every day! That is why our platform tracks conversations and brand mentions that matter to your brand from all social media platforms, identify influencers and content in real time to help you maximize on the right marketing opportunities.
  4. User Generated Content- There is no better way of quickly building brand trust and credibility than user generated content (UGC). For that reason; we monitor, collect, curate and syndicate user generated content in real time. Let your brand fans market for you to grow your bottom line.

Influencer Discovery & Insights

- Learn who is leading conversations about your brand or industry.

  1. Brand Influencers - we find and rank social media influencers for your brand and industry.
  2. Campaign Influencers - we discover and rank the social media accounts attracting the most attention within the context of a campaign.
  3. Influencer Associations - we understand your influencers by learning about their affinities towards other brands, news and media channels, celebrities, and TV shows that attract their attention.
  4. Influencer Demographics - gain insight into the locations where your social influencers are tweeting, posting, and sharing content from to run micro-targeted campaigns – internationally, regionally or locally.
  5. Influencer Locations - we document detailed demographics on gender, age group, and ethnicity of your brand audiences to help you understand your audience better.


Get a real-time digest of content, audience, location and platform insights.

  1. Content - we track content sentiment, associations, links, hashtags, emojis to understand the impact of your brand content so you can resolve content that is hurting your brand.
  2. Audience - we track your audience by gender, ethnicity, and generation and find their affinities by brands, celebrities, and television shows. This will enable you to identify and target key customer groups through better data analysis.
  3. Location - we track geographical locations from where your audience are interacting with your brand to enable to run geo-targeted campaigns without wasting your marketing dollars.
  4. Platform - we track and discover which social networks are being preferred by your audiences to align your marketing efforts. We look at side-by-side comparisons of twitter, instagram, facebook, google+ to discover which platform is moving the conversation about your brand.

Social Media Analytics

Benchmark and compare campaigns for optimal marketing.

  1. A/B Test Campaigns - we benchmark and compare social media campaigns in order to optimize your marketing efforts for greatest return on investment.
  2. Measurement - we measure and compare your social media success in real time.
  3. Associations - we track and document detailed data about your audiences social media affinities and interests for potential brand partnerships.
  4. Link Tracking - we track and amplify the performance of social media links about your brand to enable you to pinpoint any crisis or opportunity associated with any of your campaign. We also collect data on top keywords and the influencers sharing your brand links.

Audience Engagement

Social Media Engagement made fast and easy.

  1. Hashtag Campaigns - in collaboration with you, we formulate social media campaigns based on keyword or a group of targeted keywords.
  2. Leaderboard Campaigns - we track and rank your social influencers and reward them based on campaign related activities.
  3. Social Currency Campaigns - reward your social influencers with free products (your influencers pay for your product with social media mentions and participation).
  4. Live Social Media Polls - we help you engage with your social audiences in real-time using our interactive tools such as polls that instantly trigger audience responses.

Social Media Visualization Hub

Experiences that tell your brand’s unique story.

  1. Event Displays - we create custom social media visualization tools for events to allow your best brand moments shine.
  2. Social Leaderboard - we track and rank your brand influencers to show your those that are powering conversations about your brand across all social media the most.
  3. UGC Displays - peer to peer is by far the most effective method of marketing. For that reason, our social media hubs pair your unique calls to action with real, positive reviews and endorsements from your customers and audience - letting your fans market for you while you grow your bottom line.
  4. Analytics Displays - we aggregate and show off all brand statistical moments with analytics displays.

Other Marketing Services

We may also suggest other marketing strategies to augment your social media marketing to increase your entire marketing efforts. Such marketing strategies may include:

  1. Partnership Marketing -  discovering audience affinity enables us to pinpoint other (non-competitive) brands that your brand can partner with for mutual benefit. Our network makes it easy for us to broker cross-brand partnerships, music partnerships, and sponsorships.
  2. Content Marketing - through our network of content creators, we excel in creating, curating and integrating relevant and valuable content to enhance your brand value and loyalty to customers.

Data-Driven Social Media Marketing

The most efficient social media marketing, which consequently increases your ROI.

Step 1: Understand Your Business

We start with a long conversation with you to understand your business, your goals and who your general target audience are, as well as your competition, current state of your social media marketing efforts to help us formulate a campaign that's specifically for your business.

Step 2: Formulate & Setup

Once we understand your business, we formulate the campaign an setup all the analytics and tracking tools we need to make sure that everything that needs to be tracked is being tracked properly. This is critical for measuring our success..

Step 3: Design and optimize campaign landing pages

We create landing pages, microsites and visuals for campaign to maximize the conversion of campaign traffic. Each landing page is designed based on a variety of variables, such as traffic source, type of products, targeted audience et cetera.

Step 4: Monitor, Engage, Track, Analyze, Correct, Report

We listen to and track potential customers and engage with them in real-time using our engine's interactive tools that instantly trigger audience responses. We monitor the traffic, and track conversions coming through the campaign.

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