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Use the power of social media to launch a career.

We're currently casting for marketing and advertising projects that we're working on in partnership with some of our clients. These projects clients are fashion & jewelry designers and retailers, car manufacturers, music service brands, consumer electronics brands, e.t.c. The nature of the projects include shooting videos and photographs in exotic sets, as well as recording audio in music recording studios.

Who are looking for:
1. You're an established male or female model or an emerging male or female model or somebody who wants to become a model and have the looks and the attitude for it. Bear in mind, we're not a modeling agency, our focus is not on looks, but on "swagger", attitude, personality and marketability in terms of how well you engage with other people. For that reason, we're especially selecting people that can have good to excellent engagement on social media or on their blog.
2. Any background, we're looking for diversity in terms of race, looks, style, swagger.
3. Comfortable and natural in front of the camera.
4. Active on social media, and maybe even have a decent to excellent following and engagement on social media.
5. Willing to travel.

Access To Career Development Resources.

Get to work for some of the largest brands out there. You get to work with recognizable talent coaches in film, photography, modeling, PR, nutrition, personal training, et cetera to help you build your career and gain experience.

Monetize, Sustain Your Career

All our projects are well paying. In addition, there are a lot of other perks and fringe benefits that are available to all our team members.

Free Travel, Free Merchandise

Our projects take place all over the world. You get to travel all over the country and world to exotic and glamorous places for projects for free.

Be Seen, Become A Household Name

Ads and content from these projects will be featured in national and international media channels that include television, online, print, radio.

How It Works

Step 1: Submit Application

Use the form below to submit basic information about yourself. Try to complete all the fields.

Step 2: Review & Interview

Our casting team will review each submission and select those that will be called in for interview.

Step 3: Audition & Profiling

Profiling begins with a photo shoot, audition and data collection about you. This process helps us match you with projects and brands.

Step 4: Placements

Once your profile is complete, you will be placed on projects immediately. We'll continue to place you in projects that your profile fit in.

Interested in this opportunity?

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